Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our site. At Amandla Apparel, we chose to live by the lifestyle motto, The Power is Within You." We believe this motto signifies the importance of believing in yourself by already understanding that there is power within your own thoughts. These thoughts evoke the belief inside of your mind in how you feel about yourself everyday, at any time.

When we stimulate positive thoughts and energy into our own life and those around us, we create an environment filled with peace, love, and joy where everyone recognizes their worth and greatness that lies within them.

The purpose of this brand was created to inspire youenlighten you, and empower you.

Our goal for you is to understand the power of MANIFESTATION and the LAW OF ATTRACTION to enable you in fulfilling your life's purpose through action and positive affirmations.

You Have The Power to Change Your Life Forever!

Best wishes,

From Us, To You



Chase D. Garrett is the CEO and Founder of Amandla Apparel. His ideas and passions all sprouted from sitting in his dorm room as a Freshman at the University of Michigan in 2017 when he first began making inspiring posts on every social media platform he owned. With a bigger vision in mind, Chase not only envisions kids, teens, and younger adults to evolve but older adults as well.

“I chose the motto “The Power Is Within You” because I truly believe that every single individual on this earth has the power to make their dreams come true and no one else is in control of their lives but themselves. Everyone can make a positive difference in our society today and it begins with one step at a time.” - Chase D. Garrett


De'Nayus Johnson is the COO of Amandla Apparel. Sharing a similar dream with Chief Executive Officer and Founder Chase D. Garrett, Johnson wants to greatly impact society and his own community by promoting love, positive vibes, and empowering those around him.

“I want to be a positive role model for others by showing them you can be and do anything you set out for in life, through faith and hard work.” - De'Nayus Johnson