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About Us

Our slogan “The Power is Within You” emphasizes the importance of the decisions we make in our lives. We want every individual on the planet to understand they have the ability to achieve whatever their heart desires. You can MAKE IT HAPPEN! You have the POWER!  #ThePowerIsWithinYou

The "Crown" is one of the biggest components of our logo and is used as a symbol of power and authority. Tying back to our brand name, we believe that everyone holds a great amount of power. Often times many are stuck with a fixed mindset, and believe they cannot accomplish their goals. We at Amandla Apparel hope to inspire you and awaken the great power that lies within. 🤴👸 


The "Olive Branch" 🌿 is another key element of our brand. Symbolizing peace, we chose the color gold to emphasize its value and importance ✨. 

Our most powerful piece is the red "Lotus Flower". This flower is very rare and resembles love ❤️, compassion, and the heart of the universe 🌎. We hold love in high regards and believe that it is the key to everything in life. Spreading love and positivity towards all is essential to living a happier life and better future.